Catherine Lombardozzi, Ed.D.

Dare to invite critique

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I wonder if you can relate to any of these scenarios: The final review. You’ve worked for quite some time on an important project, and finally, it’s done! You proudly show your finished product to your client and get a disappointing response. She lists a half dozen tweaks she wants made that will take more

Frank talk, spirited debate, laughter, and love

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I am excitedly awaiting the release of Oathbringer, the third volume of Brandon Sanderson's epic Stormlight Archive series, which comes out in November. To stoke the anticipation, Alice Arneson, one of the beta readers, recently published a post detailing the review process for Oathbringer.  The post is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the creative process

Creativity Boost Bookshelf

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At last week's ATD 2017 conference, I had the pleasure of presenting a concurrent session on nurturing creativity. Over the last few months, I've been working to identify a short list of things I (we) can do to increase creative capacity - interesting stuff, and quite fun to research, I must say. I investigated stories

Confessions and lessons from a Hamilton obsession

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I confess to a minor (?) and highly improbable obsession with the blockbuster musical Hamilton. I don’t typically enjoy freestyle/rap music, so it’s not an obvious choice for me. (My lame attempt at a line of freestyle in the title of this post is the one and only of my lifetime.) But given that Hamilton’s